This update is a little late...actually about a year and a bit of this writing. It seems that my readers have been enamored with "Bad News", so long as the author (ME & CREW) lives to tell about it! It has also dawned on me that while gruesome tales can be more entertaining reading material, many of my sailing experiences actually turn out quite well and without major incident. This is one such story:

The Final Stretch

The Crew

Robert(Butch) Lanteigne

Danielle (Maman)-On the Rocks

Emilie, Audrey, Dominique


The Skipper (Moi)


We last left off in Monterey, (see "Diesel Dilemma"), where we sailed into the anchorage adjacent to the harbor. What happened then was a haulout, the very next day, to attach the prop shaft back to the engine and have things checked out. The short list was:

-shaft to engine

-service MaxProp propeller

-service engine (oil, filters, valve adjust)

-install new mainsail

This turned out to be a 2 week process, by which time my dear and long time friend, Robert (Butch) Lanteigne and has family were about to arrive from Quebec, for their summer vacation. Boy, was I nervous...imagine the headlines...NICE FAMILY...LOST AT SEA...DOOMED FROM THE START!!!

Anyway, when they arrived, I wisely settled them in to my land based home for a couple of days and gradually broke the news to them that they were going on a sailing vacation. Being the troopers that they are, they seemed pretty excited about off to Monterey we went. Kihuru wasn't quite ready to go yet, so we hung out in Monterey for a few days, living on the boat. We managed to get in a day sail on Monterey Bay to see how my new crew would do, as well as check out the new mainsail. The sail and crew did fine...we were ready. Just time to squeeze in a few more sights, then off to Santa Cruz across the bay...without incident!!!

The sail to Santa Cruz was great...light winds, a bit of a swell, sunny and warm. We anchored just west of the pier and prepared to go ashore. The dinghy outboard was acting up but still did the job. Delivered the crew ashore for some Boardwalk fun, where they stayed for the rest of the day. I passed on the Boardwalk fun, as planning for the next day was in order.

Next stop...San Francisco Bay. Early the next morning (a little after nine) we weighed anchor and motored north roughly following the 30 fathom line. Not much wind, a novice crew...a good decision. The boat did well, engine and all. A bit of a long trip, but the crew hang in there. Not too long after Pt. Montara, the Golden Gate towers finally came into view, time to line up with the red channel markers and head into the Gate. I can't tell you how excited I was to see the Golden Gate in all it's splendor...finally after six long weeks and too many stories of crawling north from Marina del Rey. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

The Gate from KIHURU!

The planning from the previous evening worked out good, came through the gate just after slack water, with a begining flood, under Yankee jib alone. There was a good swell while approaching which made the crew a little nervous, but exhilirated as well! The only sad thing was that Paula was not on the boat for this historic milestone. She was in contact on the cell phone as we went under the Golden Gate. A couple of hours later, we were home at Jack London Square, with Paula there to catch and secure the lines.

Home at last!!!