Circumnavigation Plans


The purpose of this voyage is to see the world. I have many friends and acquaintences, and am hoping

that they will join me at various stages. That can include island hopping, or passage making, the latter

for the more salty at heart. Kihuru will be equipped with dive compressor, and various water toys, and is

setup as a safe, self-sufficient ocean going vessel. I plan to keep my location and near plans updated on

this Web page so stay tuned!!!


  • 10Oct99: Depart Alameda-Arrive SanDiego

  • 27Oct99: Depart San Diego-Arrive Cabo San Lucas

  • Nov99-Feb00: Cruise Sea of Cortez

  • Feb00-March00: Passage to Hawaii

  • March00: Cruise Hawaii

  • ?00: Depart Hawaii-Arrive Line Islands

  • ?00:Depart Line Islands-Arrive French Polonesia

  • From French Polonesia...Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand

  • From New Zealand...Australia, Barrier Reef, East Asia

  • From East Asia...Burma, Nepal side trip, India, Sri Lanka

  • From Sri Lanka...Indian Ocean Islands, Madagascar

  • From Madagascar...Coast of Africa, including Cape of Good Hope

  • From Africa...West African Islands, Med

  • Cruise the Med for approx 2 years

  • From Med...The Azores

  • From The Azores...Lesser Antilles

  • Drop Hook in Antilles, Venezuela

  • Thinks about next Circumnavigation!!!