November December 2009 Updates

11/3: This was a much overdue gathering of friends and former colleagues from Cisco.

For some strange reason, the subject of bridges and Tim's fine stitchery on my forehead always come up. But so does a host of other adventures collectively undertaken by this motley crew. That time in The Hague. Remember that??? Ya, well it's a bit fuzzy to me too. OH..OH ...OH!!! Barcelona. Block Buster Card good at the Hospital: "FISH FACE IS SAVED".  Los Vegas...Matt Matt Matt ...YA YA YA What goes on in Vegas BLAH BLAH blah!  Paris, hhhmmm...which one??? oh YES, The Bizarre INCIDENT at "L'OPERA"...on FILM no film, that is! Still in existence, I might add! "MY BODY IS A TEMPLE"...wonder who said that??? These are but a few GEMS shared with some good friends. Elizabeth, who passed away recently, was not with us physically, but was present nonetheless.

11/17: We picked up Brody and walked to the Coffee Roasting Co. in Los Gatos for a fund raiser that one of Adrien's customers was sponsoring. We listened to the children sing a few songs from the CD that they were selling for the fund raiser and of course bought a couple of the CD's. Back to Brody's for dinner and a little car racing.

11/26: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We drove over to Matt and Maureen's mid afternoon for our Thanksgiving celebration. Maureen's mom and dad were also there for the festivities. We had a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings and then after dinner we set up our Wii Fit game and entertained everyone. Brody is seen here trying to go down the river in a bubble. [ With just a touch of assistance] Watch out! Don't get too close to that rock. Oh, no. POP!! "Let's do it again, Mokie," says Brody.


12/6: Brody arrived this morning for an overnight stay with Mokie & Grandmere. He loves sitting at his little table for a snack and a little TV watching. One of his favorite things to do is go to the park by our house to visit the ducks and throw rocks into the water (not at the ducks, of course). [OH YA, that picture just below with Brody and I...see the duck??? see the rock in Brody's hand??? HHHMMM]



Bath time is another favorite for Brody & Mokie. "What words are you going to teach me to spell today, Mokie?" [Well, how about some educational words...we've been through all the bad ones...even the ones in French!!!]

Now it's time for some special cuddling with Grandmere while we get ready for stories and bed.

"I just love coming to Mokie & Grandmere's so mom & dad can have a little time alone. [It gives me an opportunity to completely control TWO separate houses."]

12/20: Tonight we went over to Matt & Maureen's for our Christmas together. We all went to Vasona Park in Los Gatos and took the train ride to see the beautiful lights in the park. What a great job they did. After the train ride Brody wanted to ride the carousel, so Maureen & I went with him. We had lots of fun going around and around. Brody really loves the carousel, it was hard to get him off he was having so much fun. [I took several 40...and managed to miss Brody in all of them. TIMING was a tad off I guess]


Back to the house for our dinner and gift exchange. Mokie really gets into the groove of things and has to be just like Brody with a bib. He's so silly! [No, it's my good golf shirt I have on.]


12/22: Here we are in Bend with the Christmas spirit at its best. The kids are so excited and so are we.

12/23: One of my biggest challenges was to find a gingerbread house for Abby. The one that Rachel had bought several weeks ago came in a million pieces and couldn't be put together. Abby said she'd be happy to eat it but that was nixed and Rachel returned it. The store didn't have another one and she looked everywhere to no avail. While we were out shopping today I popped into Ray's and found a gingerbread house. [WELL EXCUSE ME !!! It was I who got the GingerBread house. I remember because the bakery lady's name was Ginger Baker. Now who'd forget that ?] So after Ben went to bed tonight the family worked together and a beautiful gingerbread house was made. [Bad picture. The roof on the opposite side had a shingle roof entirely installed from miniature roof tiles made out of icing in custom made tile molds. Took me hours. And SHE takes the picture of the other side...Jeeez] Look at all those satisfied happy faces.


12/24: Tonight we had our traditional Bend crab feed on Christmas Eve. Yummy! After Ben went to bed Abby and Ed decorated some cookies for Santa to have with his glass of milk tonight. Ed set up a train set for Ben? Someone looks like he's having way too much fun. Oh, well, it is Christmas.


12/25: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Abby woke up in the middle of the night and came in to our room. We had told her before she went to bed last night that if she did wake up to come get us and not go down stairs. [That way we can plot and conspire against the parents more effectively] She snuggled into our bed and we slept for a few more hours. Around 8:00 Ed, Rachel, & Ben came up to get us and we all went down stairs to see what surprises Santa had brought. The big gift was a big wheel for both Abby and Ben. [Clarification...each got their own Big's a tough toy to have to share] Of course, there were lots of other presents to open and Ben was content playing with the new train. (Like father like son.) Adrien prepared his famous roast beef and yorkshire pudding dinner for our Christmas feast. DELICIOUS! Chef Adrien does it again!


After dinner we had a little fashion show from Abby and Rachel. Abby got a few new dress up outfits and wanted to show them off. What a great Christmas.

12/26: The train is still a big hit and probably will be for a long long time. [I hope so. I predict Ben will be traveling to places south on the west coast High-Speed train some day in the not too distant future]

We spent a couple of more days up in Bend and then drove home on the 29th. [sniffling all the way, on a one horse open sleigh...] We brought the new year in at The Clubhouse here at The Villages with lots of our friends, both inside and out. We ate, drank, danced, and laughed all night long. I can't believe it's 2010. Happy New Year everyone.

Paula & Adrien